Shooting Without A Bed

One question I get asked time and time again from photographers is if they need a bed to do their sessions. You may see that a lot of photographers are using beds, but that doesn’t mean that you need one to do your shoot. The session is all about your client and just how beautiful she is, not about the bed. It may challenge you to get a little creative with your poses but I promise you can make it work!

Here are a few different setups that I recommend using if you don’t have a bed to work with.



There are so many beautiful chairs out there that you can find a beautiful one for your studio. From comfortable chairs to dining table chairs, you have plenty of options. I would recommend going with a chair that isn’t too crazy detailed because you don’t want it to take away from your client but a little bit of detail is perfectly fine! There are plenty of budget-friendly chairs out there and you can do a range of different poses on or with them!

Beautiful Rugs

Rugs are so versatile! You can get furry rugs, plain rugs, etc. Some are affordable and are great for tighter budgets. I love rugs because they can be moved to anywhere! You can use them as a backdrop in laying down photos or you can even drape them over a chair or use it as a throw.

Beautiful hardwood floors also make for beautiful backdrops! Try out different shots and see what you like and what fits with your style.


Backdrops are a great way to change up the theme of your session! They are easily changeable and usually pretty mobile too. I love different wallpapers but there is more of a commitment when using wallpaper.

If you do decide to go with wallpaper, pick out different papers that you know your clientele will love. You can even make each wall in your studio different so that you have different options to shoot with. Just be sure that you love it before putting it up, wallpaper can be a pain to take down.

Air Mattress

If you can’t afford an actual mattress, look for an air mattress. They honestly work wonders. Throw some sheets on there and no one will be able to tell. I’ve been using an air mattress for years and every shot looks like a real bed - no one can tell! Just keep in mind that because it is an air mattress, it can pop. Be careful with stilettos, they can pop it in no time!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Beds are not necessary, they can be expensive! Your clients may love the fact that you also do other options like standing poses, chairs, etc. Take a mental note of what clients are liking and what they aren’t. Usually, when they love their images, they will buy more.