My Favorite Business Podcasts

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time editing on my computer. I love to listen to music but every now and then I like to pop on a podcast and listen. I personally enjoy listening to business podcasts because it’s a great way to hear about how other creatives got started with their careers and to learn business tips from other professionals. You always learn a few things along the way, even when not specifically listening to photographers!

If you are looking for some business podcasts to check out, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites. Hope you give them a try and like them!

The Goal Diggers Podcast


Who doesn’t love Jenna Kutcher?! She’s a well known photography and business boss. She has so many incredible guests on and shares so many business tips and tricks along the way.  Everyone can learn something from her! I am constantly finding myself getting inspired and setting new goals after listening to her podcast. 

Being Boss

Another great business podcast! Being Boss is all about being just that, a boss. Emily and Kathleen have been business owners for years and have worked with countless entrepreneurs. I love listening to them because they give out really great advice, especially if you are just starting out in business.

The Snappening

If you are a wedding photographer, this podcast is for you! Greg and Thom share weekly podcasts full of wedding photography insights, cats, classic European cars and wine. They are from New Zealand and Australia - so of course I love their accents. They share so many tips and its so much fun to listen to them. 

30 AF Podcast

Maybe I’m just biased but this might just be my favorite podcast on the list. My sister and I started this podcast for all of your femtrepreneurs out there! We talk about a little bit of everything, from traveling to starting a business. We cover it all! It has been so much fun creating this podcast and I can’t wait to see what amazing discussions we have this upcoming year.

The Side Hustle Show

SO many creatives start out doing their passion on the side. If you are currently working on your side hustle, The Side Hustle Sow is a great podcast to listen to.  Nick Loper, the host, shares so many tips that help you turn your side hustle into your main gig. He covers all aspects of business too, from websites, to marketing and even sales. It’s a must to listen to!

I could keep going as there are so many podcasts to listen to nowadays, but these would be my top choices at the moment! Be sure to leave your favorites down below, I’m always looking for more :)  

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