Your body is perfect, and right now is the right time to celebrate it. 

Don't compare yourself to her. Don't look at the scale. Don't deprive yourself of things you want to wear but don't think you can pull off. These things do not define you or your beauty. You only get one body, so be kind to it. It can hear everything your mind thinks. I completely believe in this message, and love being able to show women (and men) themselves in a new light.

It is so important to take moments out of each day and just love yourself. I want to show you that it's okay to struggle with these negative thoughts from time to time, but at the end of the day we all need to love ourselves a little more. Put yourself first, you're worth it. Doing a session with me isn't just a shoot, it's an experience, a mind-set change, and above all a celebration. The gorgeous images you are left with are the cherry on top: the perfect way to surprise your partner and make their jaw drop to the floor, the perfect wait to regain power of your body and rediscover yourself, and the perfect way to ignite that bombshell that is often hiding under proper office attire. 

"I have never felt more sexy and empowered than I did working with Annika. I cannot even wait to see the look on my fianc├ęs face when he sees the album."
-Caitlin 1/07/16


Annika & Team

Meet the ladies behind this award winning boutique studio  


Specializing in intimate portraits for women, men, and couples


I'm ready, let's do this! 


"Where do I even begin??? This was such an aaahhhmazzing experience I highly recommend it to anyone looking into boudoir. Annika is such a doll and so easy to work with!! She is incredibly talented at what she does. I could not believe the images she created!! I am so happy with this experience and cannot speak highly enough about Ma Cherie Studios!!!"

-Meaghan  6/17/2016


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